Have you ever wished you could remember the names of all the people you met at that last networking event? Have you ever wondered how to read more books when the time available to us seems to be less and less?
Enter Jim Kwick: otherwise known as “memory superhero”. World expert in speed-reading, memory improvement and optimal brain performance, Jim was able to rewire his brain to function at top speed and is now teaching others to do the same.

In this wonderful “The School of Greatness” podcast episode Jim Kwik shares with host Lewis Howes his story and some tips about mastering the art of memory.

For example, he shares his method for remembering someone’s name: all you have to do is keep in mind BE SUAVE.

  1. Believe
  2. Exercise
  3. Say the name
  4. Use it
  5. Ask about it
  6. Visualize
  7. End by saying their name

Remembering someone’s name is perceived as a sign of caring. When people think you care, they trust you. Trust is what any leader wants from his co-workers.

So start working on your memory skills! As Jim says, “If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower.”

Here is the link to listen the episode: 

3 Ways To Master Your Memory and Unlock Your Inner Superhero

You can visit Jim Kwik’s website where you can learn more about his method and the courses he offers.